A parenting journey deep into the 21st century

Parenting is a lifelong journey and a collection of experiences we learn along the way. When done correctly, it will facilitate healthy growth and well-being of children. It will also empower them with confidence and self-esteem they need to face life challenges with grit. The opposite is true when they lack empowerment and guidance.

At Parenting Alpha, we describe our own journey, one dotted with technology, globalization, cultural diversity, competitiveness & social-economic inequalities! Hopefully, ours is not very different from yours, and even better, we can learn a thing or two from each other. Our collective input will definitely simplify our parenting choices and decisions.

a mother and her child.
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Food for thought

‘Kids will follow your example. Not your advice. Don’t just tell them to: do more physical activity, eat healthier food, get outside more, do the right thing, be kind to others, read books. Make sure you are doing these things so your kids will follow. Lead by example.’

Jack Coulson

‘When parents are too hands-on, kids fail to learn self-reliance. Instead of hovering like a helicopter parent, try submarine parenting: give kids the freedom to explore and surface if there’s a distress signal.’

Adam Grant

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