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Why Children Playing Outdoors is the Best thing in the 21st Century!


Overall, children playing outdoors is fantastic for their mental and physical health, a booster to their motor skills, and an assurance of productive livelihoods as they age.

This is especially true owing to the negative influences of technology and urbanization all of which promote a rather sedentary lifestyle.… READ FULL ARTICLE

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Children in the 21st Century


The benefits of physical activity for children remain the same today just as they have been for centuries.

Consistent physical exertion keeps the body healthy while fending off infectious and non-communicable illnesses such as stroke, heart failure, cancer, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. … READ FULL ARTICLE

Here is Why Your Child is Not Sleeping at Night!


Here is the dilemma – your child is not sleeping at night or wakes up quite early in the morning – and many times earlier than you!

Like all parents, you appreciate the importance of sleep, and want your child to sleep early and wake up late in the morning – without much of a fuss.… READ FULL ARTICLE

If Your Child is Always Hungry, this Could be Why


If your child is always hungry or eats too little for whatever reason, then probably something is wrong and you may want to resolve the matter right away.

Yes, a considerable increase or decrease in appetite is normal due to childhood development, extended periods of physical activity, and parental indulgence.… READ FULL ARTICLE

5 Ways You Can Fight Sleep Deprivation in Children


Sleep deprivation in children is linked to increased levels of brain arousal, higher levels of cortisol, and a precursor to medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and allergies.

Insufficient sleeping hours also makes them less productive during the day and increases the likelihood they may develop social and behavioral disorders later in life.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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