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Get to Know Which Kinds of Children Easily Become Victims of Bullying


In order to better understand the victims of bullying, it is perhaps useful to first get into the mindset of bullies to understand what motivates them to become monsters!

Well, bullies are who they are because of what they see in their victims.… READ FULL ARTICLE

The Cheat-Sheet for Interpreting Baby Language From 0 – 12 Months


The first year in childhood development is arguably very exciting for every new mother. It is also a very frustrating year because of one little thing – baby language.

While it is satisfying to give birth to a baby, it is another thing to try to have a decent conversation with the little fellow.… READ FULL ARTICLE

The Warning Signs of Bullying in Children at School and at Home


The signs of bullying in children usually manifest in them not wanting to go to school on Monday mornings, or frequent complaints of headaches and stomach pains.

Your child will want to skip school to avoid meeting the bully and his demands, while the headache and stomach pains arise from emotional stress and anxiety due to bullying.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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