Parenting in the 21st century

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The Long and Winding Road Towards the 4th Industrial Revolution


The 4th industrial revolution (4IR) is arguably the ultimate digital experience in the 21st-century. It embodies NEW possibilities in communication, productivity, and entertainment.

4IR is designed to disrupt and yet enhance our social, political, economic, and cultural existence like never before.READ FULL ARTICLE

The Importance of Executive Functioning Skills In Child Development Today


The executive functioning skills describe our higher-level mental abilities to manage and regulate tasks, actions, and emotions. They are helpful in keeping us alert, timely, and emotionally secure.

The skills involve the use of logic to have our lives under constant check and prevent negative energy and emotions from taking over.… READ FULL ARTICLE

The 6 Healthy Habits to Speed up Brain Development in Children


Brain development in children describes how they develop intellect. This basically means they get to do stuff like thinkingreasoning, understanding, and learning.

Efficient optimization of the brain allows them to solve mental challenges and productivity tasks with ease.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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