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The 6 Healthy Habits to Speed up Brain Development in Children


Brain development in children describes how they develop intellect. This basically means they get to do stuff like thinkingreasoning, understanding, and learning.

Efficient optimization of the brain allows them to solve mental challenges and productivity tasks with ease.… READ FULL ARTICLE

What is Self Control in Children and Why is it Important in the 21st Century?


Self-control in children describes a set of regulatory and disciplinary guidelines they need to stay calmreflective, and productive in the face of day-to-day life challenges.

Self-control allows them to reflect on their thoughts, words, actions, emotions, and other responses and use their inner strength to refrain from negative actions.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Is Your Child’s ‘Working Memory’ Poor? Here are 10 Tips to Get it Fixed!


Working memory is a mental skill that helps us to work with information over short durations. It facilitates the retention of re-usable information during ‘an ongoing’ cognitive activity such as a conversation, cooking, or reading.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Why Flexible Thinking is a Must-Have Mental Skill for Children in the 21st Century


Flexible thinking describes our higher-order mental ability to shift our thinking in response to expected and unexpected challenges.

It also describes our mental preparedness to solve tasks and new challenges by using more than only one solution and drawing from past experiences.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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