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5 Parenting Tricks To Treat Social Media Addiction in Children


Social media addiction refers to a compulsive disorder or irresistible urge to use social media apps to the extreme, at the expense of important tasks at home and school work.

What happens is that your child becomes utterly consumed with apps and virtual friends and is hopeless and lost when disconnected from online activity.… READ FULL ARTICLE

7 Interesting Yet Negative Effects of Social Media Addiction on Children


In order to understand the absurd effects of social media addiction in the 21st century, one has to read the story of Danny Bowman, a 19-year-old young man who tried to kill himself because he failed to take the perfect selfie.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Clever Tricks to Get Your Picky Eating Child Back on the Dinner Table


Your picky eating child will always eat food selectively, with a preference for limited food types over others. She will crave candy and fast foods over whole-grain meals and vegetables.

At the end of the day, your child will eat less food than is necessary for growth and overall well-being.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Tips for Digital Dummies!


The endless discussions and warnings about cell phone radiation protection probably bore you to death! Your wish is that everyone would just pull the plug – and stop!

You are always looking for that one excuse that says cell phone use is entirely safe.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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