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The increasing instances of us pimping our body images to extremes has accelerated the number of videos and photos we capture and store in our smartphones. And not surprisingly it has accelerated the instances of photo and video leaks online. All these are consumed by everybody with access to tech devices and the internet. This includes kids!

The desire to look different is making us try out everything possible. Even if it means compromising the respect and privacy of our body parts. We also allow others to record us in equally compromising postures. To top it all, we stupidly expose ourselves to snooping cameras in public places.

All these happen in amazing frequency that there is always a surplus of decent and ugly photos and videos at the end of the day. The good recordings are usually selfies, kids, family moments and parties. The ugly stuff includes recordings of our private parts, inappropriate photos, and embarrassing moments.

Question is, what do we do with the ugly surplus?

Remember to delete those photos and videos
Remember to delete those photos and videos

Many of us probably delete them. It is debatable though if we do this securely. But a few others don’t even bother. Soon they forget these recordings exist. The modern mind is so busy doing other stuff, that we postpone seemingly smaller things in life. Deleting photos does not feature in our list of important things to do.

We all know what happens if the phone is stolen or ends up in the hands of the wrong people! Worse still our kids spot the ugly stuff as they swipe through the photo library. We probably grab the phone away from them hoping they missed the moment. No, they do not miss a thing. Instead, their curiosity gets the better of them.

From then onwards they will revisit the library another time, in your absence. Trust me, that 5-year-old kid is smarter than you think and will find a way around your busy routine. Chances are the kid will share the finding with the siblings. Then the photo and video leaks start!

How, When and Where Photo and Video Leaks Online Start

The illustrations below are not necessarily universal. While one video clip or image is tolerable in one community it may not raise eyebrows in other communities. Very permissive cultures tolerate body exposure which may be regarded as offensive in other cultures.

If you ever wonder why and how nudes and embarrassing audio-visual clips find their way into your timeline and mainstream social media platforms, continue to read.

1. The Phone Techies

If we keep snapping away and record both good and illicit videos extensively, our phones will start complaining of limited storage space. The period when this happens is shorter with a clear majority of Android phones. Soon, the phone storage will fill up and we will seek solutions from those with technical know-how.

That is when interesting stuff start to happen. We seek the expertise of friends and techies to have the matter sorted out. Some of them will ask for a few hours to get the job done. They probably will get tempted to go through our private photos – the curious mind at work. This can happen even to the holy tech fellow who has the curiosity of a cat!

The repair fellow may be tempted to store some of the findings for the evil mind that he is. He could choose to leak and share them with a few friends, for a start. This usually starts a viral sharing chain. And by then, it is too late.

2. The Studio Snoops!

Photo and video leaks
Photo and video leaks can happen in the studio

The photo studio is another stopover where the photo and video leaks happen. While studio proprietors probably mean good, a few elements both within and outside the studio take advantage of the situation and smuggle private files outside studio computers. This is worse when we choose to pose for photos that are suggestive and considered sleazy by the viewer.

The different photo editors or rogue employee can just as well do the damage by posting or passing it over to a distant friend. This third-party friend will most likely start the photo or video leakage chain.

3. The Public Disorder in Us

Excessive drinking can lead to inappropriate behavior in public places

Some of us practice stupid escapades in secluded niches of what is clearly public facilities. Such places include parks, beaches, bars, little bushes, and of course, cars. Here, we indulge in activities that are inappropriate in public places. These include indecent exposure and sexual indulgence.

These acts may happen because of excitement or under the influence of drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants. In so doing we become victims of our bemused friends, bystanders and of course the countless paparazzi who are always wondering by. They will capture every passing moment and share them with friends on social media platforms.

Elsewhere in lodging facilities, our foes install spy cameras from where they will record, store and share our sexual encounters with the world. Some television stations around the world are paid cash by jilted lovers to trail and record their spouses in similar fashions. This information is then aired on TV for the world to see. Cheaters is a popular example of a reality TV series for tracking cheating spouses.

4. The Ex Factor

Exes are notorious in exploiting vulnerabilities left behind by wantaway partners to cause embarrassment or extort money. One such vulnerability is embarrassing photos and videos clips. These may have been captured in advance or staged as the affair nears the end. It begins with a jilted lover baiting a wantaway partner into a sexual union. He or she will record the proceedings using a hidden camera or smartphone.

Even in stable relationships spouses record themselves routinely. These recordings and images remain in the phones and are soon forgotten, even after separation. Of course, until there is a need.  The recorded images and audio-visual material may end up online if one of the partners feels cheated or is jilted.

5. Mood Swings & Ignorance

It is a very dangerous business plowing social media platforms and internet with ignorance. It is even worse doing it when in a bad mood! We end up initiating the video leaks ourselves! We do this knowingly, unknowingly, under the influence or for emotional reasons. Only to be told so a while later. Please keep off social media if you have a mood disorder or are spaced out for whatever reason.

wedding blues
Stay off social media if the car breaks down on a big like this and you totally lose it. You may post embarrassing things

I have witnessed a pastor accidentally post nudes on a church forum. I can not tell why but can blame it on ignorance. Of course, the begging puzzle is what he was doing with the nudes in the first place.


Do not take pictures or record audiovisual clips you think will shame you in any way. Better still avoid recording videos or taking photos you will not want your child to view.  If it is beyond your control and you do it, go ahead and delete them securely soon after.