It is no secret that parenting has become a focal point of discussion today because of evolving lifestyles and the influence of technology. We live in a world saturated with all sorts of electronic gadgets, that it is understandable when we get overwhelmed.

It is during such moments that we have to sit back and reflect on whether or not we are equipped sufficiently to face the parenting challenges that come with digital age.

Electronic and other devices are silently eating their way into the fabric of everyday lifestyle and making us look like we are competing against machines.

The focus tech devices include cell phones, tablets, head-mounted gears, computers, routers, and the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) devices. All of them add up to a mad world of interaction and is only going to get bigger and more confusing.

It is true they are intended to make our lives better and enable simple interaction with the rest of the world; Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on individual preferences, we are becoming dependant on them to accomplish even the very basic.

Some of these tasks are probably better done with human touch, in order to maintain the true beauty of life. The dependence syndrome is happening at the expense of family and societal values, which have for long shaped humanity.

As a result, we spend less time together as families, and children in particular. Instead we are availing the young ones countless electronic gadgets to fill the gap.

In the end, we are bringing up a complete digital native generation, which may detach itself from the basics of humanity as we know – or maybe not.

That aside, the technological leap is increasing the gap between two digital worlds. Those in the technological know are raising complete digital natives, and elsewhere, digital awareness is yet to take firm root. 

The most affected facets of our lives as per technology include:

  • Social life
  • Family values
  • Health
  • Religion 

Here at Parenting Alpha, we look at these matters and discuss them with you and hoping to learn from eath other.   

Parenting is a lifelong experience and we only contribute from personal experience with those around us.