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Everything in the 21st century – from motherhood to fatherhood, and from sleep to physical activity, is designed to co-exist with technology in all its forms.

The new reality creates multiple challenges for new and traditional parents. How they groom their children for the next world matters a lot.

Millennials, a few Xers, and emerging iGeners seem to weave their way through this task with apparent ease – perhaps, while Baby Boomers and others are fiddling nervously, and probably making a few howlers here and there.

Matters are only made worse given the hectic lifestyles at work and at home.

So, what gives?

While technology is intended to ease our lives and optimize productivity, we have upgraded it to accomplish even the basic assignments – parenting included. Families now spend less time together and use the ubiquitous electronic contraptions to fill the gap.

Consequently, we are nurturing Generation Alpha and Zs into digital-natives who are probably oblivious of the big picture of TRUE life! A life where the person-to-person relationship should be more important than a person-to-machine relationship, and a life where personal health is paramount.

Some parenting aspects that are affected:

  • Social and family well-being
  • Health
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Negatives in technology

So what now?

At Parenting Alpha, we discuss emerging parenting challenges and probable solutions going forward. Of course, particular emphasis is placed on the Alpha cohort, which is born entirely in the 21st Century.