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September 2019
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about parenting alphaParenting is receiving particular interest in the 21st Century because of evolving social-economic lifestyles deeply rooted in technology. Everything, from motherhood to fatherhood, and sleep, to physical activity is designed to co-exist with ubiquitous smart hardware and soft forms, all built around the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

The progression has created diverse challenges for both emerging tech parents and traditional old-timers.

From the outset, Millennials, a few Xers, and emerging iGeners seem to weave their way through tech parenting with ease – perhaps. Many others, stretching way back to Baby Boomers, are fiddling nervously, and probably making mild to huge howlers while walking their children to adulthood.

The mixup continues to raise all sorts of questions and discussions.

Consequently, and because of assumptions, busy schedules, and ignorance, parenting has become ever more unclear. Families now spend less time together and use the ubiquitous electronic contraptions to fill the gap. The large picture being, we are probably nurturing Generation Alpha and Zss, into digital-natives who are probably very much detached from the basics of life!

So, what next?

While tech is intended to ease our lives and optimize productivity, we now depend on them to accomplish even the basic assignments – parenting included.

The most affected facets of our lifestyles include:

  • Social and family well-being
  • Health well-being
  • Education
  • Religion

At Parenting Alpha, we take an open-minded look into the above challenges and discuss emerging parenting styles applicable in the 21st Century with you, the reader. We place particular emphasis on Generation Alpha cohort, which is the bulk of contemporary tech children.

This way, we learn from each other and write down a cohesive approach to digital parenting.

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