Parenting is a focal point of discussion today largely because of the influence of technology, the environment, emerging lifestyles, and globalization, on Alpha children.

We live in a world saturated with electronic gadgets, our living spaces are becoming cramped, we interact with all kinds of NEW cultures, and our days are only getting busier. We entrust our children with ubiquitous digital devices because it is the best option we now have.

This basically means we avail the young ones with electronic gadgets to fill the gap of our absence, and lock them indoors in fear of the neighborhood! We no longer spend valuable time together as families, and now raise a generation of kids that is detached from us, themselves, and the true basics of life as we have always known it.

Or maybe not.

Of course, technology is designed to make our lives better because it facilitates faster communication and eases productivity.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on individual preferences, technology comes with good and bad choices,

Also true, many of us have opted for a more protective approach to parenting. We prefer to keep a close eye on what children do, where they are, who they play with, in addition to observing an extreme sense of hygiene.

Also called paranoid parenting this approach to raising children has its boon and bane and remains a controversial form of parenting to date.

ETC, etc.

It is during such moments that we sit back and reflect on whether or not we are well-equipped to face parenting challenges that shipped in the 21st-century. We also wonder if at all parenting is a ‘learned skill‘ like most of us have come to approach t! Or maybe all we need is to nurture a rich relationship with our children.

That is what is here to discuss … with you of course, and hope we learn from each other. Parenting is a lifelong journey and a mashup of experiences that we learn through relating with each other.

Good reading.