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Find out the TRUE Causes of Child Headache in the 21st Century!


Child headache affects up to 70% of children below 15 years but overall, headaches and migraines affect up to 49% of the global population.

While it is true 95% of us have experienced some form of head pain, women tend to suffer from headaches the most.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Find Out Why Staying Indoors is Bad Today for the ‘Indoor Generation’


The modern-day obsession we have with technology has facilitated the habit of staying indoors, which ultimately gives meaning to the phrase – indoor generation.

We are now accustomed to using technology in the comfort of our sofas, automobiles, and indoor offices at the expense of venturing outdoors.… READ FULL ARTICLE

How to Talk to Children Effectively to Make Them Listen & Learn


When parents talk to children correctly they prepare them to become good speakers, and when they listen to them, they prepare them to become good listeners.

On the other hand, the opposite is true when parents talk and listen to children inappropriately.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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