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The endless discussions and warnings about cell phone radiation protection probably bore you to death! They are said over and over, and you wish someone out there would just pull the plug – and stop!

Me too … sometimes.

Given that you love your smartphone, you are always looking for that one excuse that says it is safe. Then you can have your life back.

Of course, you are wrong, and your life is not entirely safe!

On a serious note, it is troubling to imagine what these devices do to little children!

By default, cell phones are designed to emit small doses of electromagnetic fields (EMF) at all times. The exposure happens when you place them close to sensitive body parts like the head, womb, breast, and genitalia.

When placed a distance away from the body, exposure reduces dramatically. But how many of us actually practice this hack! Very few I guess.

In a ‘Phonegate‘ study done by the French government in 2017, indications are you are exposed to higher levels of radiation than is indicated by phone manufacturers if studies are done under real-life circumstances.

This radiation is classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization. It  is actually placed in the same category as,

  • engine exhaust
  • DDT
  • lead

… according to the WHO Press release, May 2011. There is cumulative exposure when you use cell phones wrongly for extended durations and for many years.

Protection Tips for You

The following are a few recommendations for the stubborn headed men and women in the 21st Century. They rotate around three cornerstone guidelines: limitation of usage, the distance between phone and user, and the use of corded phones.

1.  Become an Informed Digital Dummy!

These little gadgets are nice but have their own drawbacks which may show immediately or remain latent. Nobody and not even the EMF experts seem to know the true consequences of continued exposure. Unless of course, they are taking us all for a ride.

In order to tone down the effects of cell phone radiation, you should follow through the user guidelines that ship with your cell phone.

Otherwise, practise informed caution and you will will stay safe from all forms of radiofrequency emissions.

For example,

placing a phone 20cm away from the body cuts down radiation by 98%!


buying a phone for children is safer at 14 years and above.

The growing brain in children is vulnerable if exposed to cell phone radiation early in life. The cumulative effects will manifest later in their lives.

Your child too should have the right to caution you, the adult, when they feel you are abusing cell phone use.

2.  Less Cell Phones for Kids!

Children should not use cell phones much

You should not allow babies to use cell phones close to their bodies and for extended durations.  If they must, they should use hands-free devices. Airplane Mode should be turned on if they wish to play games for extended durations.

3. No Phones Close to the Body! 

cell phone too close to the body
Do not place your cell phone too close to the body

Cell phones should be kept away from the skin even when you talk through them. Neither should you place them close to the head, in the bra, in the pocket, and in bed when you sleep.

Pregnant women should not place them next to the womb.

For better cell phone radiation protection, they should stay on the table, in the bag or other containers.

Follow manufacturer directives regarding the distance the phone should be placed away from the body.

4.  Talk Less!

You are probably one of those pissed off by those that talk endlessly in their cell phones in public!

We may not realize it, but the excitement in using phones actually irritates those nearby.

Cell phones are communication and not distraction tools. Your conversations should be brief and controlled. You need to be conscious of the surrounding environment, and how positively or negatively your conversation is affecting others.

Corded phones are safer for extended communication
Corded phones are safer for extended communication

Landline receiver (corded phones) should be preferred for extended voice calls if you wish to talk for long, hoping you are not an incovinience to anyone.

5.  Text More, Talk Less!

Besides the default SMS app, use the countless messaging apps available in app stores. Messaging is preferable to making voice calls.  The phone should, however, rest a distance away from the crucial body parts and when chatting.

Turn to voice assistants, speakerphones, corded air tube headsets, and Bluetooth headsets. Corded non-wireless devices are preferable to Bluetooth contraptions. The latter also emit a fair amount of radiation. Air tube headsets are preferable to headsets.

Texting is a preferred
Texting is a preferred approach when opting for cell phone radiation protection

6.  Watch Out for SAR!

Buy cell phones which emit the lowest levels of radiation. Generic phones, especially from China, lack proper documentation and should not find their way into your home.

Just saying. Probably Huawei is fine.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection provides a detailed database of old and new phones in the market and corresponding radiation levels they emit. Sony, Samsung, and Google lead the way in producing phones with the least radiation.

Ultimately though, all phones emit radiation and must be treated the same way.

Implementthe SAR guidelines in your cell phone
Implement the SAR guidelines in your cell phone

7.  Turn Off  Unused Transmitters!

All modern phones have three transmitters:

  • Cellular
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth

Bluetooth is used rarely and should be turned off most of the time.

Wi-Fi too should be turned off if the cell phone is not connected to a hotspot. In the same vein, wireless devices at home should be turned off when idle.

Better still, routers and other wireless gadgets should not be placed in children’s bedrooms, or anywhere close to where they stay for extended hours!

8.  No Cell Phone While Travelling!

Cell phones should be kept away when driving or traveling in a first moving vehicle.  These devices emit large amounts of radio frequency energy when switching from one cell tower to another in a speeding car.

9.  Watch the Service Signal!

The network bars on cell phones are indicative of the strength of the network service. 3 to 5 bars imply a good signal while 1 and 2 indicate bad signal.  Cell phones emit higher levels of radiation when the signal is poor.

10.  Install EMF Meters at Home

Acquire EMF meters to measure the amount of cell phone radiation running wild in the house. There is no point taking advanced options listed above when the home and workplace is a radiation haven.

The room where children play and sleep should be safe enough. Whole night exposure is a death trap. The electrosmog or 3-Axis RF meters are just two examples of tools used to measure and thus ensure cell phone radiation protection.