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I Bet You Did Not Know These Interesting Facts About Early Childhood!


Besides the obvious milestones taking place during early childhood care, multiple other interesting and ‘simple’ things are also happening in your child.

These little things will intrigue you if you pay attention.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Why Physical Activity for Children is Doomed in the 21st Century


Perhaps it is only fair to start with a trip down memory lane, to understand well the complex matter of physical activity for children!

Remember the good old days of free play where children climbed trees, slid down the muddy slopes, or flew kites?… READ FULL ARTICLE

Fun Things to Do With Kids at Home and Outdoors for Free


The apparent increase in the workload and life-stresses means that the modern-day parents hardly have fun things to do with kids at home and outdoors.

Instead, they are willing to invest in new toys and their favorite playthings to keep the young ones occupied around the clock.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Sources of Leaked Private Photos and Videos Online and Offline


The dynamics involved in leaked private photos and videos merely reflect our reckless indulgence with technology. It is a simple story of morality gone wrong because we have chosen to entrust smartphones with too much of our private lives and little secrets.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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