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How to Talk to Children Effectively to Make Them Listen & Learn


When parents talk to children correctly they prepare them to become good speakers, and when they listen to them, they prepare them to become good listeners.

On the other hand, the opposite is true when parents talk and listen to children inappropriately.… READ FULL ARTICLE

The 8 First Years of Life: Exactly What Happens During these Years?


The experiences of the 8 first years of life are very critical for the growth and outlook of children as they prepare for adulthood.

This is when they undergo rapid mental and physical growth and are taking in everything they experience in the environment.… READ FULL ARTICLE

Here are 5 Interesting Reasons Why Children Lie!


Are you confused as to why children lie? Do you have a feeling your child too, is dishonest sometimes? And anyway, should this behavior concern you as a parent?

Well, such are questions that rattle the mind of every parent, especially one coping with a kid who has just gone past the third birthday, and is a compulsive liar!… READ FULL ARTICLE

Get to Know Which Kinds of Children Easily Become Victims of Bullying


In order to better understand the victims of bullying, it is perhaps useful to first get into the mindset of bullies to understand what motivates them to become monsters!

Well, bullies are who they are because of what they see in their victims.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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