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Making Sense of Digital Ethics and Citizenship for Kids in the 21st Century


The concept of digital ethics for kids has gained popularity in the 21st century due to the extensive reach of technology devices and the manner in which they are consumed.

With digital ethics in place, the goal is to make children understand they can pay a price for improper interactions they cultivate with the digital ecosystem.… READ FULL ARTICLE

5 Tricks to Ensure Internet Safety for Kids in the 21st Century


The 21st-century internet is a very exciting platform because of the information and possibilities it offers. Just as well, it is awesome for young generations because it offers unrivaled access to music, movies, games, and all the answers to their questions.… READ FULL ARTICLE

This is How Too Much Screen Time is Affecting Your Child!


It is true parents worldwide are terrified by their children indulging in too much screen time. They are terrified because they do not know what the little ones are seeing online, and what consequences await the unfortunate ones.… READ FULL ARTICLE

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